Easy Character Building Workbook Printable
Easy Character Building Workbook Printable
Prints by Iris Marsh

Easy Character Building Workbook Printable

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Easy character building is a workbook printable that will guide you through the steps for building the characters for your story.

With the help of this guide, you'll be able to develop memorable characters, focusing on the most important characteristics of your characters.

No more long questionnaires about your character's favorite food or color (that's not what's important for the story anyway!). 


  • Total of 26 pages.
  • Character overview with most important characteristics.
  • Guided character-building workbook.
  • Full character sheet.
  • List with positive and negative character traits.

Each page has clear information and sources for additional information. And there is ample room for brainstorming.

Build characters that stay within the reader's mind with ease.

Start on your character development today and you'll be writing your first draft in no time!

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